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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Keenan Saver Rx

Keenan Saver Rx has been designed to lower the cost of prescriptions. There is no registration or qualifications required to utilize the Keenan Rx Saver card and the program is absolutely free.

Is there an enrollment or application fee?

No, there is no enrollment or application fee required.

How much can I expect to save with Keenan Saver Rx?

Savings will vary on the quantity, type and brand of the drug purchased. Average savings on 100 of the most frequently prescribed prescription drugs ranged from 5-42%. Click here to check drug pricing or call 1-877-878-6413.

Is there a discount on every drug?

Keenan Saver Rx offers discounts on virtually every FDA approved brand and generic prescription drug. The size of the discount varies depending on many factors.

Are there discounts on Diabetic supplies?

Yes, Keenan Saver Rx provides discounts on diabetic supplies such as test strips, syringes, and glucose monitors; however, a prescription from your doctor is required.

Where can I use the Keenan Saver Rx card?

Your Keenan Saver Rx card can be used at all participating pharmacies. To find a participating pharmacy please search our pharmacy locator or call the participant help desk at 1-877-878-6413.

What if my pharmacy will not accept my Keenan Saver Rx card?

All participating pharmacies will accept the Keenan Saver Rx card. If your pharmacy is not enrolled as a participating pharmacy, you can encourage them to enroll in the program. The pharmacy can enroll in the program by calling our 24 hour pharmacy help desk at 1-877-878-6413. The help desk staff will enroll the pharmacy on a temporary basis so that you can fill your prescription immediately. The help desk staff will also send the pharmacy a contract to permanently join the program.

Can Keenan Rx Saver be used with other discount cards?

You can have other prescription discount cards along with Keenan Saver Rx. However, you can only utilize one discount card at the time of purchase.

How do I receive my medications?

Present your Keenan Saver Rx card when purchasing prescription drugs at any participating pharmacy.

Will I ever pay more using the card than I would without the card?

No. Cardholders will always pay the lower of the price listed on the Keenan Saver Rx website or the usual retail price at the pharmacy.

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